Berta Kuhnel
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"Beyond Becoming" an Intensive Shamanic Workshop

We are living in amazing times; there is such a rich opportunity to bring the fullness of who we are into an expansive place of “Being”.

It is a time of great leaping. We will unplug completely from the old paradigm bound by lack and need; then strongly anchor into a new way of holding our engagement with life. We will awaken gateways of potential and receptivity opening wide to our Higher Selves and Co- Creation.

This intensive is a synthesis of Shamanic Work, Esoteric Acupuncture and Sound Healing.
It is a time for personal focus and shifting.

In this workshop you will:

Join us if you feel the call to shift and leap!!

If interested in finding out more or upcoming classes, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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