Berta Kuhnel
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"Dance of Creation" - Weaving Spirit, Essential and Passion into Form

The time is now to weave a new “ Dance of Creation” with life. Open your wings let your heart soar and your dreams ripple out into creation.

Lets explore the" Dance of Creation" together bringing the weave of spirit, essential & passion into form. We will open to a new level of oneness and integration within ourselves. Awakening and unlocking the flow of creation from spirit into manifestation; coming into a new level of Ayni as we step into this new Dance of Life, we will open gateways wider in our conduit of creation.  Accessing the spark of inspiration weaving together with the most expressive call of our souls shining our passion out into the world and bringing it into manifestation.

This is an exciting time to answer to the call of new dreaming for every system of life. We each hold a unique aspect and together we can bring in a rich new world.

This intensive is a synthesis of Shamanic Work, Esoteric Acupuncture and Sound Healing.

In this workshop you will:

Join us if you feel the call to the Dance of Creation!

If interested in finding out more or upcoming classes, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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