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Deepen Your Transformational Journey
Walking the Medicine Wheel

Revisit the journey with new eyes and a deep call for personal journey and transformation.

This ONLINE offering is for full mesa carriers called to say 'YES' to themselves in a richer way at this time.
Much has been shifting in our world and become available for our transformation since 2012. This journey through the wheel has been evolving and enriching. I'd like to invite you to step in again, from a new place in a new time. Deepen your medicine, jump into your tools and enrich your life journey.

Our Transformational Journey will open and expand the way for each of us to step into our lives. Being and Expressing the fullness of who we truly are. Opening our conduits wide, anchored deeply in this new time as we dance with co-creation and new dreaming. We are each being called to 'be all we can be' and let that ripple out through all creation.

During our four workshop gatherings, we will explore the medicine of that direction, step into strong transformation using our tracking & tools, bringing enriched Ayni with ourselves, our highest potential and this new paradigm. One class' work building upon the other, creating the freedom and momentum for each of us to shine.

Join us

This is a call for deep commitment to yourself and your journey of growth and transformation.
Let this journey provide you with a rich foundation for a vibrant life.

Series Beginning Jan 2021

This series is designed to accommodate international participation.
The workshops will be over a 6-day period, 5 hours per day.
These workshops are live and taught in English

Dates for the full Journey:
Session 1 South DirectionJan 14-19,2021, 8am-1pm Pacific Time
Session 2 West DirectionApr 15-20,2021, 8am-1pm Pacific Time
Session 3 North Direction Jul 22-27,2021, 8am-1pm Pacific Time
Session 4 East Direction Oct 21-26,2021, 8am-1pm Pacific Time
Please adjust for your time zone.

If you feel interested lets dive in together!

The cost is US$420 due per gathering
Non-Refundable deposit: US$200 put towards Session 4 will hold your space in the class

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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