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A Transformational Journey, Walking the Medicine Wheel

This Transformational Journey will open the way for each of us to step into a life journey of Living, Being and Expressing the fullness of who we truly are.

This is a time of great transformation on our planet, there is so much momentum and assistance to shed that which is no longer supportive - gaining new perspective, understanding and personal potential. We are each being called to "be all we can be" and let that ripple out through all the ways we engage with life.

During our four workshop gatherings, we will step into strong energetic processes, infusions & initiations which will bring release and new alignment. One class' work building upon the other, creating the freedom and momentum for each of us to dive deeply into our personal transformational work uncovering inner jewels and gifts of self.

This experiential journey, energetically engages the maps of the medicine wheel and chakra system.

Join us

This is a time of deep commitment to yourself and your journey of growth and transformation. Between classes you will be engaging in new and full moon personal fire ceremonies. They are a powerful ways to say "yes" to the shifts that will be occurring claiming your growth. Also plan to spend 30-60 minutes at least 3-4 times a week for using your tools to engage your personal journey work.

Let this time provide you with a rich foundation for a vibrant life.

"It's difficult for me to capture the beauty and depth of this course in words... It's certainly been confronting and challenging at times, and this has made space for stunning realizations and transformation. Berta is an incredible teacher and I feel so privileged to have walked the medicine wheel with her. I am bursting with joy and gratitude! Do it!"
- Hannah (UK)

"The course is beyond words & outside the imaginable, completely beyond the confines of this piece of paper. I have been given access & tools to connect with, my wings to fly & shine out into the world & send ripples of light. What a gift what magnificence. I am extremely grateful & honor the holding & sharing of such wisdom & transformation from such a being of light. Berta Thank you!"
- Chris

"A truly mind-blowing experience that I wish everybody would have the chance to go through. It touched every part of me and allowed me to look upon the world and myself with new eyes. I can really feel the love, dedication and passion Berta has for this work - and that makes it even more enjoyable and transformative."
- Markus ( Sweden)

"This has been one of the most transformative journeys I have taken in my life. It cleared me of conscious and unconscious patterns and needs. I experienced the spiritual reality of this world and of my life and the spiritual support and connection which is always with me."
- Catherine Kocher, C.H.

"To me it was like a 'starting-point' to take off to give my journey a different direction or depth. It was a journey of transformation of what was already present in a very beautiful way. It deepened my relation to the unknown and provides 'tools' to be more conscious about the different worlds. The infusion by the rites was magnificent, magic."
- Jacqueline

Next Series beginning: Nov 2023

Dates for the upcoming workshop, online over Zoom:
Session 1 South DirectionNov 30-Dec 5, 20238am-1pm PT
Session 2 West DirectionFeb 29-Mar 5, 20248am-1pm PT
Session 3 North DirectionJun 6-June 11, 2024 8am-1pm PT
Session 4 East DirectionSep 5-Sep 10, 2024 8am-1pm PT

If you feel interested let's set up a personal interview to explore your call!

The cost is $550 due per gathering
A $200 non-refundable deposit put towards Session 4 will hold your space in the class

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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