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Shamanic Practitioners Training

Our work will explore facilitating our clients' transformational journeys. The course work we will be engaging involves a deepening understanding of life journey, in-depth Shamanic processes and developing the inner guidance with which to use them.

This training has provided participants:
The training will be over a years' time with 4 sessions. Each session beginning with a 4-day revisit of the Medicine Wheel Journey than 2 days off for integration, followed by a 5-day Practitioner Training session. We found the days off really allowed integration of the personal work to deepen and availability to gain the most of your practitioner training.

I feel strongly that to work with clients on their life journey we need to have our medicine wheel journey understanding and tools strongly anchored. If we are not engaged and living a transformational and vital life journey how can we assist others with that process? To facilitate that, a revisit of the Medicine Wheel will be included and is mandatory as part of this training. I have been revamping the Transformational Years Journey - Walking the Medicine Wheel over the last 5 years bringing in aspects of stepping into the new paradigm, reconnecting and shining forth with your unique souls' journey and stepping into new co- creation with spirit. We will be working very strongly to not only gain transformation, tool sets and understanding but to bring the fullness of who we are out into the world in rich and vital ways. This has created a powerful new configuration of the Medicine Wheel Journey and will take your personal journey to a new level.

You will be expected to work with 2-3 clients a week as soon as we complete our first training session and provide bi-weekly case studies. This will enable us to work at a deep level and will allow you to begin using these tools with clients immediately. The class will be limited in size which will provide rich mentoring for each trainee individually during and between our meeting sessions

Full Training Dates 2019
Session 1 Practitioners Training Jan 17-27,2019 - incl 2 days no class Jan 21&22
Session 2 Practitioners Training Apr 4-14, 2019 - incl 2 days no class Apr 8&9
Session 3 Practitioners Training Jun 20-30, 2019 - incl 2 days no class Jun 24&25
Session 4 Practitioners Training Sep 5-15, 2019 - incl 2 days no class Sep 9&10

The Practitioner Training will include:
Fee for Full training: Non-refundable $6,000

$500 deposit of intent after personal interview to claim your spot
Additional $1500 equals a total of $2000 deposit to be paid prior to first session
Balance can be paid in installments of $1000 per session or prearranged monthly payments
The class will be limited in size and your commitment is for the full years' work.

Class Location
908 Oak St, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Is off site; Sandpoint has many hotels and B & B's- info will be provided

Are off site and will have time allotted for the many restaurants within walking distance
When weather permits bag lunches will be used for the midday meal

Schedule timing
Training begins day 1 @ 10am; final day ends at 4pm
Remaining class days are from 9am-6:30 pm approx.
Day's 5 & 6 are off

If you are seriously interested to step into this work, please contact me and we will set up a phone call to discuss it:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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