Berta Kuhnel
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"Shaman's Dance" an Advanced Shamanic Practitioners Workshop

Shamans are mapmakers; we will be exploring new levels of our maps and opening to the dance of our healing art.

Our work will expand your intuition, tracking and mapping to new levels. Our focus will be facilitating clarity, integration and ayni to our client’s journeys as they bring closure to what has been and open to what is possible. Our time together will open you to new possibilities in using your skills, training and internal guidance within your client work. It is time for us to take our tools out of our medicine bag and use them creatively to dance through the realms of time and transformation.

This professional training class will

Now that your tools are in your Medicine Bag - Lets dance!!

If interested in finding out more or upcoming classes, please contact:
Berta C. Kühnel, LAc. Dipl. OM, CLP
phone: (USA) 208-265 8278

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